Remember those days when we saw Lehman employees walking out with their personal stuff in cardboard boxes, manhandling of AIG employees in New York, the demonstrations at Wall Street and Zuccotti Park (New York), and the $ 1 trillion bailout fund that the Congress initially refused to approve? Yes, to avoid similar situations, the BIS … Continue reading “What does FRTB really mean”

Does Banking still make its association with culture quite oxymoronic… and remain dumbly addicted to self-perpetuated disease, decay and doom … or is it now just some fringe elements that are so. Your guess is good. I have stopped trying to. Internal culture, risk management, regulatory compliance, dynamic oversight, anti-fraud programs, pro-customer spiel, hordes of … Continue reading “Is Banking Culture still that elusive?”

Know your KYX
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There is no gainsaying the fact that we live in times of very high geo-political sensitivity, and rampant fear over bad guys of all shapes and sizes, everywhere. Mounting global supervisory concern over “terrorism-funding” comes as an urgent overlay over resident angst about illegal flows of unaccounted and opaque money involved in drugs, weapons, sanctioned … Continue reading “Know your KYX”

Why Systemic Financial Crises Are a Broad Failure of Risk Management Various posts in this blog have catalogued the practice of risk management in the financial services industry. To recap briefly, the Great Financial Crisis (GFC) of 2008 was a systemic failure that brought about large scale banking losses across the globe. Considered by many … Continue reading “Industry Needs to Learn”